(french but easy to understand)
Willem's Vasectomy

Text in "Quais Baltiques (1994)" :
"Willem: my life, my work
Born in 1941, in the Netherlands, under the pseudonym "Bernhard Willem Holtrop". Contributed to the small shitkicking newspapers in the Provo years.
In1968 in Paris, to draw in "l’Enragé" and "Hara-Kiri", etc.
Usually, the newspapers and publishers I work with go down soon after. Some still resist: Charlie-Hebdo, Libération, Psykopat..."

The autobiographic story below was published in August 1975, it tells the vasectomy (sterilization) of Willem. The conclusion refers to the buses of french women who had (at the time) to go abroad to get an legal abortion.

A travel aboard the transsiberian train (french)